Suzanne Freeney visited Denville Rotary to enlighten us about Gift of Life International and Gift of Life NJ.  The mission of Gift of Life NJ is "to provide resources to treat children with congenital heard defects from anywhere in the world where our assistance is needed."  Every 2 hours and 18 minutes the global network provides lifesaving cardiac care to a child in need.  Over 4,000 children are treated annually.  At its inception in 1975, Gift of Life brought one child at a time from emerging countries to the United States for cardiac treatment.  In 2009 the network created a new strategy to focus on developing sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery and aftercare programs in select countries.  Suzanne spoke to us from her first hand knowledge as she herself has been on several Gift of Life missions and had the experience of being in the operating room to witness a child's cardiac surgery.  Thank you Suzanne for reminding us of the important work of Gift of Life.  We presented Suzanne with a generous donation to help support their mission.  For more information visit