The Rotary Club of Denville, Chartered March 26, 1947, has reached a very significant milestone in its deeply rooted history.  More than a hundred members, guests, dignitaries and friends gathered together to celebrate SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS OF SERVICE.  This joyous commemorative gala represents our strength as an organization, our belief in the power of community, our insistance on moving forward with truth, trust and friendship.  It means longevity never impedes change and progress, but rather provides the framework to be even better, to grow stronger and to again define who we are to our community, to those we serve, the friendships we enjoy and to ourselves as Rotarians living and serving through the ideals of Rotary. 
I would like to thank those who worked together so diligently to provide this very memorable and historic event in honor of Denville Rotary Club's many years of service.  Committee Chair Tony Toriello, Recording Secretary Sharon Toriello, President Patricia Agliata, Past President Bill Kader, Past President Betsy Roberts, President Elect Joe Paci, Past President George Hrobuchak and member Vicki Harrison.  Please scroll to the Photo Album section to view the slide show of the events of the evening.