Congratulations to the newly installed 2022-2023 Denville Rotary President, Joe Paci, and Board of Directors and Officers.  During the coming year, we are looking forward to continued growth, successes and many contributions to the community.  It is with heartfelt graditude that we say thank you to outgoing President, Patricia Agliata, for her two years of exceptional leadership. (Please take a look at the Installation Luncheon photo album.)
Incoming President Joe Paci
Congratulations to Paul Harris Award recipients Greg Dittrich, Dave Lawrence, Michael Boudway, Bill Kader and Mary Radicsh which were awarded during the Installation Luncheon.
Incoming Officers:
President Joe Paci, President-Elect Rick Rafferty, Secretary Diane Grabowski, Assistant Secretary Betsy Roberts, Treasurer Joe Velocci, Assistant Treasurer Greg Dittrich, Sergeant-at-Arms Diane Vezzuto, Parliamentarian Tony Toriello.
Incoming Board of Directors:
Rick Agostino, Michael Boudway, Emily Ayli, Mary Radicsh, Patricia Agliata, Bill Kader and George Hrobuchak.