The Denville Rotary Club in partnership with Denville Sunrise Rotary are thrilled to collaborate on this community project.  We also worked in partnership with the Housing Authority and Denville Social Services to refurbish the Peer Place Basketball Court which is located on the property of the affordable housing complex here in Denville.  Click below to see additional photos.
This project included repairing and refurbishing the existing court, replacing the basketball backboards and baskets, repainting and relining the court with additional games (like 4 Square) as well as "empowering words" placed center court (words will be chosen by resident children).  Fencing was replaced around half the court to enhance the safety of the players, and clean up and beautification of an adjacent area was completed to install two benches for supervision and spectators. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place this past Saturday, December 12, 2020.
As always, Denville Rotary strives to serve the community in meaningful ways.  We are very excited to be part of this great project!