Gay Hotalen, LPC, is one of Denville Rotary's newer members bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in mental health services.  Gay earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Kean University and completed her Graduate Studies at Seton Hall University specializing in Vocational Rehabilitation.  She has a long standing career in Mental Health, including 44 years at Atlantic Health working in the area of Behavioral Health.  Gay is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor, a CAP Facilitator (Child Assault Prevention) and is working towards her Tobacco Cessation Certification and NJ Gambler Specialist.  Gay, along with Tom Vitiello, CPRS, (Certified Peer Recovery Specialist) opened the Sun Valley Wellness Center on Main Street in Denville.  Please visit or call 973.993.6088 to learn about the extensive services they offer.  Pictured are Gay Hotalen, LPC, and Rick Rafferty, President Denville Rotary.