We are very proud to say that Denville Rotary's President, Patricia Agliata, was one of this year's five honorees of the 2022 Good Scout Award.  President Patricia was recognized for her service to the community as a member of Denville Rotary for the past thirty years.  She is currently serving as an extraordinary leader fulfilling her third term as club president.  First in 2001, then again in 2020-21 and 2021-22.  Over the years, Patricia has given her time freely participating in many programs, including hosting youth exchange students and group study exchange professionals; chairperson and active member of many committees; worked at the helm for many years with the Denville Rotary Street Festival; and is always there to answer the call as needed.  Patricia has been recognized with both the Claude Dickerson Award and as a  Paul Harris Fellow for her dedication and exemplary service.  Thank you, President Patricia, for all that you do! 
Additionally, Good Scout Award recipients are Ben DeSomma, Gene Fitzpatrick, Douglas Gabel and the Volunteers of the Thrift Barns of Morris County.  The evening ceremony was hosted by Mark Venis and Christopher Golinski.